1. Pilot

Weekly Summary, Week 1

My initial reaction to this week demonstrated by my cat, Luna:

Dear God what have I gotten myself into

Social Media

Making the accounts was relatively simple. I use Instagram and have used Twitter, so those were easy. The other sites, such as the domain, Soundcloud, and Youtube were a lot more complicated. I’m not a huge fan of having my name out there (there is only one other person with my name so I am easily traceable) so trying to avoid posting my personal information was a little difficult.

I’m not a super creative person. A lot of people in this class have really cool websites and posts that I admire, but I lack artistic talent and unfortunately can’t make mine as cool.

All of my handles are @eamds106


Check out my introductions post below!

Instagram? Easy. Twitter? Easy. Soundcloud and Youtube? Took me an hour and a half to figure out how to upload audio/video. I couldn’t figure out how to record something for Soundcloud, and Google couldn’t tell me, so that was easily the thing that drove me crazy.

The Eighties

My post on the eighties:

This was something I enjoyed. I grew up with a lot of pop culture from the 80’s since it was the time in which my parents were teenagers. I think there is a lot to learn and discuss about it, and I am super excited.

I’m ready for week 2! (and this three-day weekend)

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