2 down, 14 to go

Weekly Summary, Week 2


This week, I chose a writing assignment, a mashup assignment, and a web assignment. I related my writing assignment and my mashup assignment to the 80’s pop culture theme by using popular songs and movies from the 80’s. My web assignment was just for fun.

For the web assignment, I used Google Draw and let it try to guess my drawings. This one was relatively simple and actually really fun.

Then, I found a cool assignment in the writing assignments that let me choose an emotion and name three songs that made me feel such emotion. This one was “difficult” because I had so many songs to choose from and I had to explain why I liked a song in one tweet. I incorporated this assignment into the 80’s theme by using 80’s pop music.

For my final assignment, I chose a mashup that I knew was going to be a bit of a challenge – combining two videos (particularly, an assignment where I take one line from two movies to make one line). I had never worked with video editing software before, so I knew I was going to have to put a little time and effort into this assignment. I downloaded some software (after researching it) to download the videos I needed, and then I used software that was already on my computer to crop and combine the videos. It wasn’t that difficult and I enjoyed doing something new!

Daily Creates

I did the 4 required daily creates this week. Some were easy, and some were a little more difficult.

Day 1: The Chicken or The Egg

I had pet chickens in high school, so I decided to take some of the old pictures I had and do something with them. It isn’t my greatest work, but I am trying to learn how to be creative.

Day 2: Respond to Facebook’s VP of Public Policy

To say I struggled with this one is an understatement. I had no idea what this lady meant or what was going on. I looked up a few articles before I gave up and asked my boyfriend to help explain it to me since he is more up to date on this stuff. After I figured out what was happening, I thought the solution to the DC was pretty simple.

Day 3: Make a Visual Haiku

This one was pretty simple. I went to the website, got a haiku for my location, and matched it with a picture I thought was similar. Based on my haiku, I chose a picture I took of a spot at UMW because of how I associate UMW as my home now.

Day 4: Shopping Map

I liked this one because it wasn’t too difficult and inspired me to be a little bit creative. I drew the map of my area and where I go shopping on my Microsoft Notebook using my Surface Pro!

Blog Customization

I changed the name of my blog to relate to the 80’s theme as well as my name. One of my favorite movies is Airplane! so I, of course, had to quote it. I also figured out how to make a new menu on my page and added an About Me section.

This part of this week’s assignment was easily the most frustrating part for me. I spent about two hours trying to customize, with about an hour and a half simply being trying to upload a new cover photo (a collage I made of some of my favorite 80’s movies). Nothing would upload and I would always get an error message. Before punching my computer, I took a break, and when I got back, I decided to log out then log back in. It worked. I was so frustrated.

If anyone has any suggestions on how else I can change my blog, I’m all ears!


I logged on every day and I attempted to comment on a few posts this week (here, here, and here … ). There was another post I wanted to comment on, but I wasn’t able to because I needed to log in and it wouldn’t take the username and password I use for this class. If the comments aren’t showing up, I promise I commented, it just may not have been approved. I had a few comments on some of my posts as well and responded to those! I also tried to follow some more classmates on Twitter and keep my feed refreshed.

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