Take on Me and My Love of Music

I’m still working on getting out of my comfort zone for this class, and as a transition, I decided to do a writing assignment for one of this week’s activities since I’m pretty comfortable with writing. After a little bit of browsing, I saw the Emotional Lyrics assignment and was so excited.

I absolutely love music. In the fifth grade, I started playing the viola and I played it until I graduated high school. This opened a whole new world for me. I was able to play some cello and some violin as well, and I wish that there was more I was able to play.

Music was and has been my outlet for years. I can’t draw, dance, paint, or do anything artistic. I don’t even have a hobby. Playing music was something I finally felt good at doing. After starting to play an instrument, I got really into listening to music as well, especially now that I understood what went into it.

Music has a huge influence on my mood. A bad mood can always be helped or resolved to me simply by listening to pop or uplifting music. If I want to spend some time doing some healthy self-pity, I turn on some sad music until I gradually get into more upbeat music (without realizing) and the feelings resolve.

So, when I saw that this post asked for you to relate an emotion to three songs and explain why, I was super pumped. This is what I live for. And to make it even better, I got to use 80’s music to fit our theme.

Sidenote: I think music from the 80’s is totally awesome. I grew up listening to the 80’s pop hits radio whenever my mom drove us somewhere, and I would listen to my dad’s 80’s rock whenever he drove us somewhere or just wanted to jam out at home. A lot of these songs bring back good childhood memories.

I chose to do a happy emotion, specifically elevated since most music makes me feel that way.

This assignment was difficult in way because I had so many things to choose from. One of the harder things as well was not choosing my favorite songs, but songs that always make me feel uplifted.

Song number 1: Thriller by Michael Jackson. A huge hit from the 1980’s that I would watch kids dance to in school when I was younger. A song that is played at every school dance and wedding.

Song number 2: Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. Another classic, but in its own way. This song always makes you want to sing your heart out and is a great motivator for whatever you are doing.

Song number 3: Come on Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners. I first heard this song in Perks of Being a Wallflower, and I really related to this movie because of my emotions of going through high school. Because of my experience in orchestra growing up, I loved the instrumental in this song and how they made it into a pop song that makes you want to dance. (Another similar song – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli).

The process of this assignment was relatively easy – I browsed Spotify and YouTube to pick some of my songs and then just tweeted what I chose.

I’m so excited to see what else I can do with music. This was a fun assignment!


3 thoughts on “Take on Me and My Love of Music

  1. Hi Emily!!
    I know how you feel. I did a writing assignment as my first post too, I figured that might be the best way to get the hang on things.
    I really enjoyed your post. I played the cello starting in middle school and all through high school. I really enjoyed it and miss my time in orchestra.
    I like how you incorporated your twitter account. I’m still getting the hang of everything, but have to start posting more on my DS twitter. This is a cool way to do that. Thanks for the inspiration!
    -Maeve R.

    1. Hi Maeve! I miss my time in orchestra as well. I still have my instrument, but it’s not the same playing by yourself.
      The requirements for my assignments actually were to post on Twitter so I can’t take credit for it! I’m not really into Twitter, but I do like the way the tweets can be embedded into the blog.

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