A day as my cats

In the assignment bank, I found this cool assignment where you combine pictures and videos of your animals to show what a typical day looks like for them.

What I decided to do was pick a day and record bits of my cats throughout the day and then put them together in a video.

Because of my failed attempts earlier this week with the editing software on my computer, I put all of the videos together on the iMovie app.

I then downloaded the video to my computer and was able to edit it. I sped some parts up and added captions that might reflect my cats’ thoughts.

After I saw what the total time was going to be, I found some loop music on FreeSound and duplicated it on Audacity to fit the time frame of my video.

Luckily, the video exported with no issues this time. I think if it had issues, I would’ve given up.

The only problem with this video is that it cut some of the top parts of the shot off. You can’t see the cats’ faces in some of the parts. I guess in the future I will try to record things horizontally.

I enjoyed this assignment as well. The cats weren’t doing much the day that I recorded this, so it would be fun to do it again in the future on a day that they are more active and crazy.

This one was worth 3 stars, finishing my week.

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