Not So 80’s Video Essay

I messed up.

Only after finishing my video essay did I realize that this assignment was supposed to be for an 80’s movie.

I could make the connection that the Titanic was discovered in the 80’s and that is what inspired James Cameron to make the movie.

It’s a stretch.

But, I put a lot of effort into this essay. I’m really proud of my analysis, too. I was able to make a lot of connections to the article we read and the videos we watched.

I’m going to upload this assignment for my video essay anyways. It may dock me a few points, but I think I can afford that.

To make my essay, I started by downloading a scene from YouTube, choosing one specifically that didn’t have a lot of dialogue. I then watched it over and over, figuring out what I wanted to talk about in the different shots. I wrote up a script, spliced the video into the scenes that had something I wanted to talk over, and recorded my audio on my phone.

I then went in and placed my audio over some of the clips. I had to slow down some of them to get them to fit, but I don’t think it was too noticeable.

I chose to do this movie (of course, before realizing the criteria) because it was one of my favorite movies, but not for the plot line. I loved how they filmed it and how detailed the set and characters were.

I enjoyed doing this assignment, even if I did it wrong. It made me take a closer look at the emotion and thought that was put into the filming of the scenes.

3 thoughts on “Not So 80’s Video Essay

  1. You can probably connect anything to the 80s if you exercise enough creativity. And exercising creativity is what we’re all about in ds106, much more than following rules.

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