Quarantine Vlog

I stumbled upon the Vlogging assignment and I was super excited to give it a shot. There’s a vlog on YouTube I watch called FatheringAutism that has always made me want to get into vlogging because they do such a good job at it.

Well…it was a little harder than I thought. There’s not a lot of fun stuff to vlog about when you’re quarantined so it really just ended up being me doing homework and getting frustrated about it. Oops.

It’s also a little more difficult when you don’t have the fancy equipment to do this with, both the video editing and the recording.

To try to spice it up and add more to it than me just talking, I tried to include a time lapse of some of the things I was doing.

Something I realized after making the vlog was that I should have added transitions between each video somehow. I was thinking that I should have put my hand up to the camera at the end of one clip and then pull it away from the camera and the beginning of the next. I think it would have made things run much smoother.

I started to put together this assignment on my computer in my video editor but I ran into the same problem I did with my workout video – it would not export. I had it sitting for seven hours and nothing. I tried it three times on two different computers.

What I had to resort to was downloading iMovie on my phone and compiling it there. I then only edited it a little bit on my computer because I was afraid it wasn’t going to export again.

I enjoyed doing this assignment. It was a little boring since there wasn’t much happening though. If we ever re-do assignments again in the future, I think that this is one that I would like to do since I can already find some ways to improve on it. But, only as long as I can get my computer to work.

This one was 3 stars.

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