quarantine week 2 – slowly going crazy

Weekly Summary

Video Essay

I spent a lot of time reading and watching the videos that were posted. I was (lightly) offended by the criticisms of the Marvel Universe. I couldn’t even watch the one about the music. But, it was published in 2016 before the more popular movies such as Endgame and Infinity War came out which really have that strong Avengers theme song. I listen to it every day to get pumped up.

The thing that went wrong with this assignment was that I realized after the fact it was supposed to be an 80’s movie or related to the theme. Instead of doing it over, I just decided to keep it since I put a lot of work into it and I feel like I did a good analysis.

What’s the vague connection? The Titanic, which sunk in 1912, was not discovered until the mid-80’s. Cameron, the director, made his debut in the early 80’s and then created the Titanic movie in the late 1990’s. He has explored the Titanic wreckage many times himself.


I decided to just do the video assignments this week instead of the 2 week project. It’s hard to work together when you can’t get together physically, and I’m not a very creative person myself.

The first thing I did was make my own assignment. I wanted to do a workout video to show people how they can workout at home during this mess. It also gave me more motivation to work out.

I then worked on my vlog. The vlogging was the easy part. It’s probably a little bit boring (and long) so I don’t expect many people to watch it. I had so many technical difficulties making it and was so frustrated.

The final assignment was a video on the day in the life of my pets. They have a relaxed life. I wish I could do what they do every day.

I enjoyed making videos this week, but the frustration that went into it was so immense that it outweighed the positives of it. Hopefully I have a better time next week now that I kinda figured out a way to work around my computer issues.

Daily Creates

I didn’t do too many of these this week. I did the minimum of 2 because I’ve been working a lot on these assignments and other assignments and get brain fried and forget about them.

I think I talk about my cats too much.

I enjoyed this one. The first page of this book was a perfect scene for the DC.


I’ve seen a lot of good videos this week. I’m excited to watch some more. I really liked this animated one (how cool is that?), Sam’s singing and movie trailer, and Kaitlin’s funny yet relatable day in quarantine.

Excited for what’s next and hoping that it gets better!

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