Workout at home!

Most of us are stuck at home because of the coronavirus. It’s been advised to not go anywhere and a lot of businesses are taking things into their own hands and closing to help encourage social distancing.

This means that most gyms are closed too. So, what I decided to do this week was make my own video assignment where the purpose is to make a work-out video that other people can follow and do at home.

I have some weights, bars, and a bench at my house, but I wanted to show a routine that I normally do that doesn’t require any weights or special equipment. For me, this is leg day!

I didn’t want this video to be one of those 30 minute videos that you follow along with the instructor. I wanted it to be more of a “this is the routine, this is how you do each of the moves” thing.

What I decided to do was do a regular motion shot of the first few reps and then fast forward through the rest. Almost like a time lapse.

To make the video, I propped up my iPhone and recorded my different parts of the routine. The first 4 were filmed consecutively as well as the last 4, but there is a break in the middle.

I then uploaded the videos to my Video Editor app that comes on my Windows computer. It was relatively easy to use, but I ran into a lot of technical difficulties. My second video would turn black after I edited it and then it wouldn’t play after I edited it again. On top of that, it would not export. I tried so many times. I think I spent 6 hours on this project because it wouldn’t export. I tried a bunch of different programs to remake my video and they didn’t work. I finally got it to export by unclicking the fast export button. How does that make sense?

You can check out all of my frustration on my vlog that I’m going to post for this week.

I spliced the videos into different clips so that I could change the speed or add text. I also used a website that my sister recommended to me for non-copyrighted music, AShamaLuevMusic. I was able to play it over my video.

Since I had to make this assignment myself, I also had to give it a star rating. I really bounced back and forth between 3 and 4 stars, but decided to go with 4 because there is a lot of work that goes into the video.

Check it out!

5 thoughts on “Workout at home!

  1. I love this idea!!! As someone who misses the gym at school a lot, people creating at-home work out videos has been a blessing! Thanks for posting and I’m gonna try your workout next time I exercise!

  2. This is awesome! I always do at-home workouts because they’re so convenient, so I really appreciate this post to keep fit even while we’re confined in our homes!

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