60 seconds of excitement while distancing

Last week when I chose to do the video assignments rather than the project, I created a list of some assignments to do over the next two weeks. One of them was the 60 second day assignment where you film clips throughout the day to show what you’ve been up to.

I decided to do this assignment on the one day this week that I actually was doing something other than sitting at home – getting my graduation pictures taken!

Now let me just give some background info… my sister has been living with me for 2 weeks now and she was my photographer. We stayed away from people and used sanitizer. Also, my pictures were finished being taken an hour before the stay-at-home mandate for Virginia was ordered. We followed all the rules.

The hardest part about this assignment was remembering to record things. It was particularly hard to record when I was taking my pictures because I didn’t have any free hands. I did manage to get a few campus shots though.

As for the editing, I went straight to iMovie on my phone after all of the issues I had last week. I played around with the transitions and then exported it to my computer. Once the video was on my computer, I put it in my video editing software and added the title card.

I decided not to add any background music to this because I think the audio is not only good, but important. When I was listening to it, there are some sounds that you know right away before you even see the video. I think that leaving this audio gave it more of a natural and realistic feel.

The only issue I ran into this time was that my audio wouldn’t play for the first two times. I had to remove the clip, put it back in, and then not watch it in the editing software and go right to exporting it. That’s the only way I could get it to play.

Check it out and let me know what you think! And also, just as a disclaimer, I am 21 and will be 22 in about a month 🙂

This assignment was 4 stars.

5 thoughts on “60 seconds of excitement while distancing

  1. This is awesome! Even though this was just before the stay-at-home mandate, it’s refreshing to see these shots of the outdoors and Mary Wash while I’m cooped up at home.

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