One month until college is over forever

Weekly Summary

Video Mission

This week, I made two more videos.

The first one I made was a 60 second video. I actually got to go out of the house (while distancing and before the mandate was ordered) and decided to do this assignment while I was doing something sort of fun. I had a good time making it but had a hard time remembering to record. I think it turned out nice

The second and last video I made was fun but had a lot of effort put into it (probably about 7 hours). I took a little twist on the assignment and gave it my own star rating because of the effort I put into it. If there are copyright issues and it is taken down, I will send the video to you personally. I put too much work into it to not use it as an assignment

This week was a lot less frustrating than last week but almost just as time consuming. I’m exhausted.

Project Ideas

I still really like all of my ideas and I wasn’t too inspired by the other ones. Check out why I’m feeling a little more about one of the topics and what kind of media platform I may use.

Daily Creates

I have a wide mix of genres in my music, but a lot of it is 2000’s music I can’t let go of.

I love the Lion King, and I thought with the hoarding that’s been going on, this title was appropriate

I always loved the shirts that were like “if you’re reading this…”. I specifically made this one in larger fonts because you should be far away and not even be able to read the larger fonts on shirts.


I have to end this week early. I have a lot of other classwork (I have a presentation in two weeks that will pretty much decides if I graduate) that I need to work on. As of right now, there’s not a lot for me to comment on. I will check back if I have the time.

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