Constantine x Exorcist

One of the mash-up assignments I found this week was the movie mash-up where you combine movie posters, but the stipulation is that you should take two movies that have been compared to each other.

I figured it would be easier to first think about what themes go together. I thought about doing something like Captain America with Superman, but it didn’t flow too well for me.

Then, it came to me. One of my favorite movies is Constantine, and the exorcism theme is pretty common among movies. I looked into other pictures for movies like The Conjuring and Insidious, but I decided to go back to the original – The Exorcist.

The poster for The Exorcist looks like this…

…while the Constantine poster looks like this.

After looking over these posters, I knew they would work together really well. I decided that I could put John in the Exorcist’s spot because of how the posters are laid out and because John is an exorcist.

I went back to my old friend Pixlr and used the two posters as layers. I got rid of the background on the Constantine poster and put John over the Exorcist. The issue with this was that John doesn’t have the bottom half of his legs in the poster, so I was able to darken and blur the legs of the Exorcist poster to make them look like John’s. Because the Exorcist also has pieces that stick out such as his hat and briefcase, I also had to blur the background some.

I then changed the color of the Constantine layer to make him blend more into the poster. I also added some words about John Constantine into the words of the poster.

The final product!

It definitely could be a little more neat, especially with the blur. But I couldn’t quite figure out how to fix it, especially since Pixlr is a little more limited. I tried Gimp before but was very confused and gave up, even after watching tutorials.

Given my minimal skills with this, I’m very happy with how it turned out. I also feel the need to watch both of these movies again.

I know that neither of these are directly related to the themes. I do think though that the Exorcist was a big start for horror movies and we saw a large increase of them in the 80’s.

Something that I think about a lot with these movies is religion. I was born and raised Catholic but never believed almost any of it, and I was able to stop going to church once I moved out. Personally, I can relate these movies to what is happening in the world right now. I think a lot of people are questioning their faith (or seeing a large increase in it) because of the amount of people dying and getting sick.

I don’t know if this is making any sense. Basically, there’s a good and evil. Good being God, evil being Devil/temptation. We’re all tempted to leave our house and have a constant fight with ourselves to be good (I hope). John was supposed to go to hell for being a bad person but made a self-sacrifice and was then able to go to heaven (if he lived out the rest of his life as a good person).

So, let’s “self-sacrifice” by staying indoors and avoiding the temptation. We can save a lot of lives.

That’s probably just a lot of rambling to you. It makes sense in my head, I just don’t think I can put it into words well.

This assignment was 4.5 stars.

2 thoughts on “Constantine x Exorcist

  1. This is really good! I like how you utilized the bottom half of the man in the Exorcist poster to create a full depiction of the man from the Constantine poster. They fit together well. While I’ve heard of the movies, I actually haven’t seen either of them. I might have to check them out.

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