The Best of Creed

One of the assignments that I wanted to do this week was the one where you dub over your animals, but I can’t get my cats to meow on demand. Boo.

So, what I then decided to do was a video mash-up of your favorite TV character. I love watching TV, not just because it’s easy, but because I really enjoy the stories.

Anyways, one of my favorite shows is the Office. But not necessarily for the story. I just think it’s hilarious.

Although not my favorite character, I think Creed is one of the most underrated characters. He has the best moments and they always seem to be things you don’t notice the first time around.

I also didn’t want to do Michael or Dwight since they’re fan favorites and will probably be done with this assignment by someone in the future if it hasn’t been done already.

The Office has a popular YouTube page where they upload clips from episodes. I got my material from there since it would be the best quality.

The issue is that they already completed character mash-up videos. But, the video they made for Creed only had some things I wanted.

I took the Creed mash-up and took out the parts that I wanted. I also searched their other videos to find some of my favorite scenes. I did a lot of cropping and trimming.

I tried to use my video editor on my computer but started having issues right away so I put a stop to it. I didn’t want a repeat of a few weeks ago where I put a lot of effort into the video and then not have it export.

Even though it’s clunky, I decided to use Powerpoint again because it worked for me last week and got the job done.

I trimmed and clipped the videos within the program and got them to play automatically. Just like last week, my biggest issue was the transitions. I tried fading the videos in and out, using different types of transitions, reducing the time…but it’s still not smooth. It probably won’t ever be because it’s a Powerpoint.

I’m happy with it. It makes me laugh. Hopefully it will put a smile on your face amidst being stuck at home.

This one was 4 stars, finishing my week.

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