Final Project Plan


I messed around with a few ideas as to what I could actually do for my final project.

I really liked the idea of doing a documentary of a celebrity from the 80’s, kind of a then vs now. However, I know that I would need to use audio and some pretty intense video. I had issues with copyright on soundcloud before and I had a really hard time doing video editing on my computer because my editor doesn’t want to work for me. I figured I would avoid the frustration and try something else.

I also really like the Chernobyl disaster, but I couldn’t quite think of a way to combine different media methods to follow this path.

Ultimately, I decided to do a project that revolves around the coronavirus. As a (mediocre, Bachelor’s degree-only) scientist, I want to try to inform the best that I can, although I would say many of us are pretty informed. It will also help me explore my curiosities with the virus and hopefully find out some things that I didn’t know before.

So, here is my rough draft of my plan:

Design: I want to create a poster that shows the rise in the number of cases, how social distancing works (and has been working), and the best way to protect yourself. I’m going to do research on it and try not to look at other posters because I know that a lot of been created online already.

Audio: My plan is to do a podcast on the impact of the virus. I’ll talk a little bit on how it started and some of the information that we know. I’m hoping to also interview a few people. My mom is on the front-lines in New York taking care of patients with COVID-19, so I would love to be able to get to hear her talk about it, if she has the time and is able to. However, I know that it has been hard on her so she may not want to talk about it. I would also like to interview some of my friends who are dealing with the isolation. I have one friend who works at Mary Wash ED so I could ask her about her experience. I can also interview my sister and ask her about her transition to online classes and how she is doing stuck at home. The podcast would be a way to talk about our experiences.

Video: I’d like to make a video that covers the following things: The origin of the virus, the impact on China, how we saw it spread, and it’s entrance into the United States. I would also like to go into how viruses work and how we can look to create a vaccine for it. Another thing that I am considering putting into the video is the political response of the United States, but I fear that will just make me (and others) angry.


I had a presentation on Friday that is 40% of my grade in my seminar, so I spent a lot of time this week focusing on that. After it is over, I can spend the next week focusing on this project since I have nothing else to do for that class.

Audio: I found the music that I’m going to use for the podcast. I will use this to transition in and out of the podcast as well as for bumpers. Courtesy of BenSound, royalty free music. I’m not going to make any bumpers/transitions yet because I want it all to be in one audio file so that I can make sure the audio flows well. I was also able to confirm that 2/3 of the people mentioned above can interview for the podcast, so it’s definitely a go. I now need to come up with questions to ask and a brief script for the times I’m not interviewing.

Video and Design: I haven’t started this yet. I plan to do a decent amount of work on it this weekend, but because the summary is due Friday, I can’t put any information in about it yet since I haven’t started.

Like I mentioned earlier, it has been a busy week for my other classes. However, I feel like I have a solid plan on what I want to do and am feeling prepared for next week.

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