80’s Photo Analysis

For this assignment, I used the first link to find some photos to look at.

For my first analysis, I chose this picture of Kevin Bacon in 1982.

This posed picture is made to look like it was a spur of the moment picture, so I feel as if a lot of thought went into it. For example, I think this photo follows a few of the Becoming a Better Photographer points such as selection, perspective, depth, balance, moment, & foreground/background.

I believe this picture to be precomposed, despite the almost paparazzi look of it. It appears as if a lot of thought went into it – what will be on the street? What will Kevin be holding? What will he be doing? It was taken deliberately to appear like he is a normal guy coming out of a taxi.

As for perspective, the photographer put the background of the city in the picture rather than focusing it on just Kevin. It adds a little bit to the story about a busy city.

With depth, the taxi and Kevin are a lot closer to the camera than the background. The main focus point of the photo is Kevin, but allowing him to appear closer emphasizes him.

This photo is also balanced because Kevin is right in the center of it, and the taxi is almost exactly horizontal as well.

I believe this photo captures a moment as well because you can see that Kevin is moving from the way his hair is moved. The man in the background also describes the moment, as he is paying attention to his job rather than the photo.

As mentioned before in some of the other points, the background also plays a very important part in this picture by giving the observer a rushed, city feeling.

With the black and white images, I have a hard time with contrast and lighting. It is difficult to distinguish in these photos what thought went into that.

However, I think that this photo of Iggy Pop demonstrates good contrast and lighting.

With the presence of a dark city in the background, the colors of the paintings and even Iggy allow him to really stand out.

You can also tell that lighting plays a big role in this picture. The town behind Iggy is not just colored dark, but it appears to be in the absence of lights and electricity. Iggy and the paintings are radiating both color and light, so it appears as if the light source was in front of him.

All of these points are important in telling the story behind a photo. When more thought goes into the photo, I believe that it is easier to understand the story that the picture is trying to tell.

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  1. Nice analysis. The first thing I noticed about the Bacon picture was that his eyes were in the exact center of the image. Then I saw “Center” on the sign in the background. I don’t know if that just happened or if it was planned or if it was created in the cropping.

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