A story through music

I got really excited when I saw this assignment because I love music and I have loved seeing all of the memes online that were done similarly.

For Playlist Poetry, you go onto Windows Media Player or iTunes (I decided to do Spotify since I think this assignment is aged a few years) and try to create a poem or story that is cohesive as possible using song titles.

I wanted to relate this one to the 80’s theme through using only 80’s music.

I thought this one was gonna be easy, but it turned out to be a little more difficult especially having to stick to a certain type of music.

With this, I did the best that I could. It’s not super cohesive, but I think it makes some sense. Maybe it could interpreted artistically because it isn’t smooth flowing.

I tried to make it sound like it was a construction worker who was proud of his hard work and basking in it, only to wake up in the morning and to move on to another project. What do you think?

This wasn’t an assignment that required taking pictures, but when I screenshotted and cropped the image, I tried to make it linear so that it is more visually pleasing.

This assignment was worth three stars.

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