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I’ve never really been into photography – I don’t really feel the inspiration or have that creative eye that people who take professional photographs do.

Growing up, I would take pictures of things that were memorable to me. I had a digital camera when I was little that I would mess around with with my friends, but once I got a camera phone, it was mostly the memorable stuff. Like the squirrel that we rescued after hurricane Irene and kept in our garage until we could take it to a rehabilitation center.

As the cameras on phones got better, I started taking a lot more pictures. The grainy photos that I used to get weren’t really worth keeping until I could easily make out what was in the photos.

I continue to take photos now of things that are memorable to me or things that I just enjoy looking at, like pictures of my cats. It has been a lot easier to take pictures now with the increased storage and the increased of the quality of cameras.

Sometimes, I’ll take pictures of things that stand out to me, like this butterfly that I saw on my walk, or this cool view I had on my flight to Tennessee. These are things that I consider memorable because I don’t get to see them everyday and they really show the beauty in the world.

When I take these pictures, I do put some thought into it, like what angle shows what I am seeing best.

I don’t share my photos often. I just take them for myself to look back on. If I were to take my pictures to share, I would definitley put more effort into them. I’d think more about what I am trying to portray, use a grid, and pay attention to lighting. I don’t use a professional camera, and I am not familiar with the different functions of the camera on my phone. To really improve my skills, I think I would have to become more familiar with these settings.

As for images and stories, I think that the phrase “A picture is worth 1,000 words” can be true if you observe the details. For example, in my butterfly picture, you can tell that it is summer or spring because of the flowers and because of how bright the butterfly is. There’s also a smaller butterfly in the background. In the distance, you can see town-homes. This could be interpreted as the picture being a spur of the moment thing, since the background isn’t something like a botanical garden.

Art, like photographs, are up to interpretation. The artist behind it may have a story that they were wishing to convey, but in my opinion, what the artist’s story and the observer’s interpretation are both mutually important.

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