What am I?

For this week’s first assignment, I decided to do something that I thought seemed like fun. Maybe it’s too easy or too hard, but I thought it would be worth a shot.

This assignment is called “That’s Not What I Expected,” where the purpose is to take a picture of something zoomed in and try to get people to guess what it is.

I wanted to try this one out because it would allow me to use a bit of the photography info that we have been studying this week.

For my picture, I decided to zoom in on this household item. When taking the picture, I thought about the perspective (what may make it look not like itself?), lighting, balance (the kind-of symmetry), and contrast.

I took some other pictures that I was interested in posting instead, but I really liked the last one I took, which is the one embedded in this blog. I think the color is beautiful and it contrasts well with the black. It was a spontaneous photo, which I think fits this assignment and theme this week best.

So, can you guess what it is?

Let me know! I think its do-able!

This assignment is worth 3 stars.

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