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Weekly Summary

Audio Reflection

I mixed things up and did things out of order this week because of my schedule, so I worked on the audio reflection after I had listened to the radio show. I think it would have been more beneficial to do it the other way around, but I did have an idea of what to look for in the podcast. Overall, as stated in my blog, I think audio is very important in storytelling.

Radio Bumper

This was the first assignment I did after getting familiar with Audacity and I actually had some fun with the sound effects and fading the music. I added some techno music that sounded a little 80’s to me! The only issue I had was trying to figure out how to crop the music to still make it sound smooth.

Tweet Along

I listened to the first radio show this week since my work schedule didn’t allow me to listen to the others. As mentioned in the blog, I thought it was really informative, but I had a hard time trying to tweet, read tweets, and listen to the radio all at the same time. I also couldn’t really figure out what the podcast was about besides the movie.

Audio Assignments

The first “assignment” that I did was combining music and their covers. I spent a good chunk of the weekend working on it for Soundcloud to take it down, but you warned us so I can’t be upset.

To further avoid copyright issues, I proceeded to choose some assignments where there wasn’t room for infringement.

The assignment I did in lieu of the first one was the whistle assignment and I made it stick to the 80’s theme. This one was very easy.

The next one I did was the remix of the We Will Rock You Queen beat. This one was probably my favorite because of how it happened. This one was again a relatively easy assignment because I was already so familiar with Audacity. It’s also kind of 80’s, but it depends who you talk to.

Another assignment that I knew I had to do was the 80’s product commercial because it fell so well into our theme. I got some ideas from my mom and aunt and decided to do Cabbage Patch Kids since they were all the rage (for reasons I can’t understand). This one was easy as well once I figured out what to say!

The final assignment I did was the sound effects story that everyone was required to do. Read my blog to figure out how I came up with it! I had a lot of fun with this one as well. I really appreciate Freesound!

In the end, I don’t think it was so bad that I spent so much time on the assignment that ended up not working out because I was able to get really familiar with Audacity and the rest of the assignments were a breeze.

Daily Creates

The first create was to simply make flow field art. Fun!

The second one I did was sharing my best gift and of course it had something to do with my cats. I’m sure the whole class thinks I’m a crazy cat lady by now.

I wasn’t a fan of the last daily create because I don’t like being mean, but I think there are some people who deserve it. I debated for a while about who to insult, but I think GP was a good choice. I can’t stand false information and fake science.

Radio Show

I shared my thoughts on what the radio show could be about. There are honestly a lot of directions that this can go. I am continuing to read through other posts too to see if anything someone else says grabs my attention.


I hate to say it, but I wasn’t really inspired by too much this week. It’s also a little difficult to try to comment on things everyday when people don’t post everyday and are very end-of-the-week heavy, but I might just be picky.

I commented on things that stood out to me or had good ideas behind them. I really enjoyed the posts where people were able to make good remixes of songs especially because I tried so hard on mine over the weekend. I’m living through their accomplishments!

My participation can be found here, here, here, here, and here.

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