Birds? Birds.

On Monday night, I participated in the DS106 radio live tweet-along, where we listened to a podcast about climate change and Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. The purpose of this radio show was to listen to how the show used different audio styles and methods to convey a message.

The show started off with me hearing my radio bumper….ha

The show then proceeded to use clips from The Birds and used dialogue from the characters that helped to better portray their message.

I liked how KaiV20 said it best.

The background music really helped to set the mood for what the narrator was trying to convey. There was a lot of suspenseful music that makes everyone a little nervous.

The producer of the show also used some good (and bad) sound effects to keep people interested and to make the story come more alive.

I was also able to pick up on some audio editing/transitions since I spent a lot of time on Audacity this week trying to do the same thing.

The thing I picked up on the most was how the narrator used different words with music or sound to make that music feel different than you may perceive it without prior context.

This was an interesting assignment. However, I did have a little difficulty with it. Maybe it’s just how my brain is wired, but I couldn’t listen to the story while trying to analyze the sound and read the tweets. Honestly, I have no idea what the radio show was about besides The Birds. I do think though that I picked up on a lot more audio effects than I ever do when listening to my other podcasts.

It was pretty cool to tweet along with my classmates!

I can’t listen to the other radio shows this week because I have to work when they come on. Hopefully they’re just as fun!

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