Cats remix Queen

While searching through the assignment bank, I found this funny We Will Rock assignment where you recreate the famous beat for Queen’s We Will Rock You in a creative way.

There are so many ways that this could be done, but I wanted to have some fun with this one.

I thought that I could make it creative by getting my cats to meow to the beat. Not impossible, but hard.

I’ve been borrowing my boyfriend’s gaming headphones to record this week since it has a microphone on it. I decided to record on Audacity while one of my cats was in my work room and I, by accident, got audio of her “sniffing” the microphone and it was perfect. It then became the first two beats.

It’s pretty difficult to get my cats to meow on demand, and after some trying of teasing them with treats, I gave up. What I did instead is extract audio from an old video of my cats meowing during dinnertime and made it the final beat. (Her meow may sound like she’s in pain but she was just really anxious for some dinner, I promise)

I only repeated the beat twice. This was a relatively easy assignment in Audacity once I figured out how to use it. Plus, I was totally cracking up while doing this since the first part was a perfect accident.

Check it out!

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