DS106 radio is bumping

This week, I decided to start off with doing the radio bumper so I would have the opportunity to listen to it this week. I work during two of the radio show broadcasts so I am hoping to catch the one on Monday night.

Having no experience with audio editing, I watched a few clips online about how to use Audacity and they were really helpful.

I didn’t want just my voice for the bumper, so I wanted to add some background music to it. I went to the recommended Free Sounds and found this super cool techno 80’s music,

I was able to use the volume and fade in/out tool to edit the music to be loud at first, below my voice in the middle, and loud again at the end.

One of the biggest struggles of this assignment was not only trying to come up with what to say, but editing the parts of the music that I wanted to hear so that it would flow well. I probably spent about 2 hours on it.

Although learning this new software can be difficult, I’ve actually had a good time using it. I really like editing music and seeing what I can do with it. I almost wish I would have discovered this when I was younger so I could get the right software and make a habit of it. Life hasn’t been the same since I stopped playing my instrument, and I think editing like this would be a good alternative. Plus, there’s so many cool things you can do.

Check out my bumper!

7 thoughts on “DS106 radio is bumping

  1. I wanted to check out some other people’s posts on the assignment before I tackled it/get their point of view. Reading this post makes me feel a lot better about it (Even though it’s time consuming it seems), but I’ve never had any experience with audio editing either.
    Great job though, the background music is super cool

  2. Emily! You did such a great job with the assignment. I like how you included the music in the background and everything is super clear. Some much better than mine!!

  3. Hi Emily,

    Just wanted to say your radio bumper is great! Great editing, particularly as you say you’ve no experience with audio editing (I wouldn’t have known!).

    I’ve been following the course as an open participant while doing a very small scale study on ds106 as part of another Masters course (https://edc20.education.ed.ac.uk/mwolfindale/2020/02/07/joining-ds106-as-an-open-participant/). I’ve been tuning into ds106 radio and have tried my hand at this bumper assignment (https://edc20.education.ed.ac.uk/mwolfindale/2020/02/14/ds106radio-bumper/) although I’ve got a lot to learn…agreed trying to get a good flow is one of the tricky parts. Your bumper is providing me with inspiration though!


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