Radio Show Topics?

I think that there is a lot that we can do with an 80’s themed radio show.

If we stick to the 80’s themselves, there are a lot of politics that we can talk about. But, since the theme is a pop-culture theme, I think we need to go more along the lines of entertainment.


I love a lot of the movies from the 80’s. One of my ideas is maybe focusing on the brat pack movies and having a “gossip/entertainment” show that evaluates the movies, interviews one of the main stars, or is almost a promotional event for one of the upcoming movies. Does that make sense?


There is so much that can be done with music. We could talk about one specific artist and interview them (maybe use actual clips of them talking to edit to our liking), talk about concerts, talk about the top 50 songs, talk about the change in music/genre, etc.


The 80’s was a huge fashion era. Another idea is to discuss the do’s and don’t’s of fashion, the up and coming trends, the trends that are so yesterday (gag me with a spoon)…things like that.

What do you guys think? Does anyone agree or have something to add? I’d love to hear your ideas. This is just a rough brainstorm about what could be done. I want to make sure that it has narrative and that it is something we could talk about for a decent amount of time.

Also, if we are starting to think about groups, I’d love to work with some people who are interested in the same things as me and also like to get their work done early. I absolutely cannot procrastinate or push it to the last minute because I have a lot of other things to do, especially as a graduating senior.

4 thoughts on “Radio Show Topics?

  1. I really like all your ideas! They are very similar to the ones that I had. I particularly like the fashion one though. I think it would be super interesting to compare that era to the present one and see how things have evolved and changed!

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