Scary Sounds

Me: I have to do this story where I have to create a short story from just sound clips.

Friend: Oh! You could do something like coming home, making dinner, showering…

Me:…the assignment says “make it something more interesting than waking up, taking a shower and eating breakfast “

Friend: Oh

Then, BOOM. It hits me. I love horror movies, so I’m going to make a horror movie short story with only sound effects.

In my head, I went through what happens in a typical horror story. There’s some weird noises that wakes someone up, then they get closer, and then they’re there (try saying that ten times fast) and they scare you.

I spent a lot of time browsing Free Sounds to find the right ones that I needed. I went back a few times as well while making my story when I realized something wasn’t working.

This assignment was a little easier than some of the other ones because of the way my story is formatted – it doesn’t require a lot of overlapping or volume changes like my other assignments have.

My vision for the story was that someone breaks in and the victim awakens to the sound. They then hear the person walk up the stairs and the victim tries to call 911 while starting to panic. The attacker makes their presence known, and the victim starts to scream.

Check it out and let me know what you think! It may be a good idea to turn down the volume.

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