What’s that whistle?

I chose to do this assignment after I ran into copyright issues on Soundcloud 🙁

I knew it was possible, but I was having a hard time finding assignments to do that didn’t have to do with music. I kind of felt like I was going to run into copyright issues wherever I went, even with creative commons.

I spent 3 hours this weekend mashing up two eighties songs this weekend, but it’s okay, it’s my own fault.

So here I am. I decided to do something that I wouldn’t run into copyright issues that could still fit our theme, and I found the whistling assignment where I record myself whistling a song that everyone has to guess.

The biggest issue with this assignment was getting clear audio of my whistling without it sounding “windy.” I edited it the best that I can!

I’ll give you a hint: This assignment sticks to our theme this semester and isn’t anything difficult.

I simply recorded myself on Audacity for this one!

Can you guess it?

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