6 weeks down!

Weekly Summary

Design Reflection

I had an interesting time reading more into design and the theories behind it. However, as mentioned in my blog post, I feel like sometimes there is too much thought put into it and too little creativity. It’s hard for me to reflect on something that I’m not very good at or don’t have an eye for.

Design Blitz

I had fun with the DesignBlitz. Not as much fun as the PhotoBlitz, but it was interesting because I was seeking out things that I don’t normally. I feel like I have to analyze every poster I see now.

Daily Creates

I’m slowly having more and more fun with these.

Dream house? Oh yeah. I go on Zillow for fun.

Also, shout-out to Allison because she had the best reply.

This week, I also learned that my name looks very pretty as a color.

I thought my desk the other morning was kinda funny. A Halloween bucket of candy and a coffee mug with tea in it.

Assignment Bank

Okay, I actually had more fun this week with the assignments than I thought I would.

The first one I did was the recommended 4 Icons 1 Story. This one was simple. And Elizabeth was able to guess what it was! (P.S.- it was 80’s themed)

The next assignment was the Name that Single where you make the song’s name into a picture. I giggled at myself making this one. (and it is 80’s themed as well!)

Next up: a poster for the Derry carnival. I was able to explore more into Photoshop with this and I enjoyed it. I had previously downloaded GIMP and I think I was overwhelmed with the options. This time, I used Pixlr instead, and I had a much easier time with it.

My final assignment took a lot of research. I had to watch a movie, consult friends, and read up on the internet. Was it worth it? Oh yeah. I even had to show my Marvel fanatic professor it because I was so proud. And my dad.


I feel like I had a lot to say this week. I was excited to see some other the other assignments my peers made. I really enjoyed the ones that had some humor behind them or had some critical thinking put into them. They definitely stand out. Here are some examples: Laptop Lingo, Movie Poster, Minimalist Movie, Guessing the 80’s movie, READ poster, Imagine, and Tattoo Design.

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