Derry Carnival

I was browsing through the assignment bank and saw the Event Poster assignment. It caught my eye because the example was the Stark Expo and I just recently found my love for the Marvel Universe so I thought it was pretty clever.

I then knew I wanted to do this assignment too for something fictional. I love stories and books so I had plenty of ideas for what to do.

BTW, the purpose of this assignment is pretty self-explanatory. Create a poster for an upcoming event.

After browsing through my mind of what story I could make an event for, I settled on one of my favorites, It.

In the book and the new movie, they start out in the present day with the murder of a character named Adrian at the Derry fair, which then introduces Pennywise the clown.

From what I remember, the fair isn’t a big deal in the book because it just sets the scene for the murder of Adrian. However, in the new movie, there is a scene added where Pennywise preys on another child at the carnival. So, the carnival is pretty important in the most recent movie.

After I got the carnival idea, I went and grabbed a picture of the infamous clown funhouse from the movie. I used Pixlr to edit out the background other funhouse picture and then added a carnival pattern background. I wanted to do something more than a basic poster so I could try my hand at some Photoshop.

I then took my combined picture and posted it on Canva because I am more familiar with how their text works and they have a lot of different fonts to offer. I added the title, activities, and location/dates. The biggest issue with htis part was trying to get the words to show up because the background was so colorful. I changed to color and size a bunch of times, and then added something a little transparent in the background to make the text stand out.

It needs some work, but I’m pretty proud of it. Check it out!

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