Four Picture Movie

For my first assignment of the week, I decided to do one of the recommended ones: One Story / Four Icons. This assignment asks you to take a story/movie/whatever and compress the plot into four icons.

I thought that this one sounded like fun and was a good transition into design because of it’s simplicity. This is also one where I could apply the 80’s theme.

I decided to go about it using the recommended The Noun Project where you can search for some icons that other people have made. It was very nifty!

There are a lot of 80’s movies out there, so I decided to go with something that some people would actually be able to guess. So, my choice being a pretty popular movie, I tried to make it different/unique enough to where it would be a little more complicated to guess. I still think it’s pretty easy, but maybe that’s just me.

I took the icons from the website and added them to a PowerPoint to organize them. When choosing the icons, I tried to download the ones that had the same boldness/style so that it would look consistent and organized. Trying to channel my (non-existent) graphic design.

So, can you guess what it is?

P.S. – just had to add that I did this one with a cat on my lap/in my face the whole time. I had to share!

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