Literal Lyrics

Another fun assignment I found in the bank was the Name that Single assignment. In this one, you use a simple design to describe the name of the song and your readers have to guess what it is! It sounded like it would be entertaining and not too difficult.

I decided to try something new for this design and use Canva because I wanted more color than The Noun Project offers.

I knew that this would be a good assignment to apply the 80’s theme to. Even though I know a lot of 80’s songs already, I always have to go back and look at the Spotify playlists/genres to refresh my mind. As soon as I looked at the playlist, I immediately knew what I wanted to do.

So I got on Canva, chose a basic background (the assignments wants it to be simple so I didn’t go all out with it) and chose the icons that I wanted that would represent the song. Because some of the icons are limited by purchase on Canva, I didn’t have too many options, so I couldn’t get everything to look similiar or be drawn in the same style. But, I think it looks a little fun anyways.

Can you guess the 80’s song?

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