almost halfway!

Weekly Summary

It’s the week before Spring Break. I’m checking out of school for the week a little bit early so that I can enjoy my last Spring Break ever 🙁

Radio Show

A few things happened with the radio show this week. Here is a summary of our themes and the process behind how we found it and what we plan to do with it and the show.

I also created a bumper sticker for our group since at least two other members were going more with a poster vibe.

Audio Assignments

To have things to add into the radio show, I stuck with bumpers and commercials.

I did one bumper that was similar to my last one since I got good feedback on it, but this time it was centered around our radio show.

I then did two commercials. After our week of audio assignments, I knew that I struggled a bit with “audio mixing” so I decided to stay away from things with songs. I experimented with it a little bit but wasn’t getting anywhere.

The first commercial I did was a satire commercial for our school. I pulled this one out of the assignment bank.

The other one I did was also from the bank but was a more serious commercial because it was for an actual company that I’ve heard of. I wanted to do this company because it is pretty relevant to college kids.

Daily Creates

I did all three, but wasn’t too inspired this week.

What’s funny with this one is that I went to Sedona this weekend and got my steak fix. So good.

For this one, I spent a chunk of time looking up adjectives and nouns. I eventually got this. I hate milk.

I love the Avengers. Have I mentioned that yet? Of course, for architecture, it’s gotta be the Stark mansion. It’s beautiful.


Because I’ve finished my physical assignments early in the week in preparation for break, there naturally haven’t been a lot of posts. I was able to interact with a few so far. I’ll check back tomorrow and add some more comments to anything that is new and is worth of one, but by tomorrow afternoon, I’m done for the week.

Here are some things that I’ve interacted with. I’m actually really excited to hear people’s different shows and what they do with them!

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