Another radio show, another bumper

Because we are doing the radio shows these next few weeks, I made another radio bumper to put into the show.

I got a lot of really good feedback on my first bumper, so I decided that I would kind of do the same thing again.

But, this time I wanted to change what I said. I determined that since this is for our radio show I would throw in an “advertisement” for my group’s radio show.

We have pretty much established our topic so I wanted to give a little preview of what we are going to talk about.

I also really liked the music that I added last time and felt the need to do it again but with a different piece of music. Can I just say that I love FreeSound? They have a lot of cool sounds if you take the time to search through them or use the right search terms.

Therefore, just as last time, I recorded my little bit and added the music into it. I made sure to fade it so that you could hear my voice and also cropped the audio to make it shorter since the original audio was about 1 minute.

The biggest issue again was trying to get the cropped audio to sound smooth but I did feel a little more confident about it this time.

Check it out and listen for it when we do the radio shows!

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