I did it, mom

Radio show = must have commercials

I was browsing through the assignment bank and saw the assignment to make a cheesy ad for your school.

Being an active member (observer) of the UMW meme page, I thought it would be perfect to twist the assignment a little bit and make a satire ad for UMW.

I also needed to fufill this message sent by my mom to me and my sister earlier this week:

Image preview

Don’t get me wrong, I love out school. It was the only school I applied to and I’ve really learned and benefited a lot over my last 4 years here. But, we do have our flaws.

Moldy dorms? Yep. Prolonged construction? Yep. No parking? That’s why I get to school early every day even when I don’t have class until the afternoon. And the food – definitely could be better. I don’t even eat in the UC anymore.

Once again, I used FreeSound to find some music. I wanted to go with something upbeat and happy to make it funny/sound like a serious commercial. I found the perfect music! The only issue was that it was 15 seconds and I needed it to be double that. I decided to just duplicate the sound and tried to get it to fade in/out so that the transition would be a little better. It skips a bit, but I don’t think it’s terrible.

I know I mentioned above that I love the school, but I felt like I needed to also mention that in the end of the ad because I don’t want someone from the school finding it and confronting me about it.

I had a fun time making this commercial. I’m still laughing at it. Maybe I’m just easily amused.

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