Radio Show Promo Sticker!

For my promo for our radio show, I wanted to do something like a bumper sticker or a poster. It’s a little lame, but I never did it originally with the design project so I wanted to give it a try this time.

But, nothing will compare to what my group mates are doing. Here’s an example of an awesome one:

And there’s more of that to come.

The assignment that fits this radio promo is the DS106 Bumper Sticker where you make such sticker to promote your radio show.

Using what I learned in our previous week with design, I went back to Canva. I chose the sticker template to make it look like a bumper sticker since they didn’t have a specific bumper sticker one.

I knew that I wanted it to be colorful and 80’s like while modern at the same time. So, I made my background denim which I think fits things both then and now. For my designs and texts, I chose colors that are colorful but not neon. I think this balance gave it an appeasing look.

To the sticker, I added the basic gist of what we are going to be talking about and that it will be playing on the DS106 radio. I also incorporated references to the movie, such as the “Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club” and the iconic fist pump.

It probably could be better, but I’m happy with the way the colors all blend as well as the fonts. I put a lot of thought into the balance and coloring of the poster. Maybe I am learning something.

Sincerely yours.

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