the gang does a radio show – pt. 1

For the radio show, I joined a group with Sam Price, Diana Hidalgo, and Zane Burk. It’s named the Breakfast Club.

Through a Google doc, we shared some ideas. Each of them have a lot of potential and relate to the 80’s pop culture.

So, what Sam suggested is that we combine all of the ideas into one.

We all seemed to like the idea of interviewing people, but it was pointed out that another group was doing that already, so it was then suggested that maybe a segment of interviews would be better.

Our theme/process came out to be this:

“We will interview people we know who were teens/young adults in the 80’s and ask them what was popular or what they remember. Based on their answers, we will decide what we want to talk about, whether it is movies, music, toys, etc. We will talk about this subject and then include interviews with one another on what we like that is similar in the present day. We will finish with comparing the changes and evaluating if we like what has changed or if we wish it would have stayed the same.”

So, the rough plan is to have some of us informally interview people we know from the 80’s over spring break to help us decide on a topic and then can figure out what piece of pop culture to focus on and also compare it to present day. From my understanding, we likely won’t be using too much audio (if any) from our first interviews so it won’t be too time consuming.

The only issue with this topic is that it hangs a lot on the interviews and that it delays us a bit, but I think it will be okay. I will likely be doing some work over Spring Break so hopefully we have most of it figured out before school starts back up.

Here is my personal plan:

Get to Tennessee on Saturday. Interview my mom, aunt, and uncle on Sunday. Record the interview in case we want to use clips. I’ll probably have some free time over the next few days to do some research. On the plane ride home, I can do some audio editing. I’ll be ready by the end of the week with what I need and hopefully we all agreed on the context between all of our interviews and we can start making a script/outline.

We will record our radio show with Sam’s audio equipment that she uses for her music and work together on the editing.

I’m excited – I think it’s going to be good!

As for the rest of this week, we have all been working on the necessary assignments such as commercials/bumpers etc. We seem ready to fulfill the necessary requirements.

I hope this was substantive enough.

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