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I’m a big fan of podcasts. One thing that I’ve realized when listening to my different shows is that they all have ads in them now. Yes, they can get annoying, but there are some that I appreciate because of what they’re promoting. And what else is kinda cool is that some of these companies that are advertising do so with all of the podcasts that I’m listening to.

So, following the lead of some of my podcasts, I decided to create a radio commercial for a real company by making it something meaningful.

Now, full disclosure – I don’t use this product. I don’t know how it actually works for people. But, I also haven’t seen anything negative other than that it is a little costly.

The company that I did the commercial about is TalkSpace, which is pretty much online therapy. I think that as a society we are still working on overcoming the stigma of going to therapy and this company offers the solution of not having to worry about someone seeing you go to therapy. Plus, this may be something that can help kids who are more into technology.

What I then did was research a little bit into the company and how it works so that I could make an informative commercial. After this, I recorded what I wanted to say and added some calming yet upbeat music to the second half to fit the theme of the commercial.

If anyone uses this company and is willing to share their experience, let me know how it is!

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