the craziest week of college yet

Weekly Summary

What. A. Week.

Not because of this class, but because of current events. What started as a normal week turned into a global pandemic that forced the school to become remote. I just hope things clear up so I can have a graduation in May (and so that less people get sick).

I worked on my radio show over spring break for a bit and then this past week. Read all about it in my radio show update.

Daily Creates

I haven’t really been focused on these this week since a lot of other stuff has been going on. But, I was able to get 2 in.

I actually kinda liked this bullshit generator. The generated facts were indeed bullshit.


There wasn’t anything to participate with this week. I think we were all busy with the radio show and then kinda panicking with what’s happening.

1 thought on “the craziest week of college yet

  1. Agreed, by far the craziest week I’ve had in college thus far!! Can’t wait to take a listen to your group’s project. Creative topic!

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