Assignments – Take 2

It was a little difficult to find some old assignments to redo. I don’t have a lot of experience with everything that we have been doing this semester, so I’m kinda proud of my work. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved.


The first assignment I chose was the Warning poster assignment. I did this before I remembered that Canva existed or knew how to (vaguely) use photoshop, so I wanted to spruce it up a bit.

The original can be found here:

I decided to keep the content of the new poster the same but try to make it look better.

I used Pixlr to photoshop the actual hotel and take the background out. I think it makes the poster look more natural.

When it came time to make the actual poster, I logged back into Canva. I’ve had good experiences with it and am familiar with the software.

I chose a font for the title of the poster that looked a little creepy and then chose a different font for the description that matched. I also created a new color to keep it a little dull while adding a pop at the same time. I think I was trying to match the hotel.

I then added the ghostbusters part and I decided to put that in red since it matches the Ghostbusters logo. It’s a little bright, but the logo would be anyways.


The second assignment I chose to re-do was the “what’s in your backpack” assignment.

When I typically do the DS106 assignments, it’s when I would sit at one of my jobs. Because of this, I didn’t think that I did a good job of taking the pictures.

So, I redid the pictures (and added a few things) to make it prettier. Instead of posting each picture individually, I decided to make this grid – but I will still add the descriptions below.

I wanted to do a better background this time, so I decided to do my pretty floors. There was better lighting too.

It started with a preview of what was in my bag which I tried to arrange by color.

I really like how it turned out. I could probably get away with just this picture, but I zoomed in on the items to follow the assignment more.

I also tried to make the pictures a little more creative with some different angles.

Here’s what’s in my bag:

Chapstick. Years of Accutane will do that to you.

Headphones. I always have them in if I’m walking around campus or doing work.

Phone charger. Sometimes I’m on campus for 12 hours and won’t always make it through the day.

My lovely computer. This thing has been awesome. It’s great to take notes on since I can write on it.

Wallet. Gotta have my license on me as well as my cards if I gotta buy something.

Keys. I have to be able to get to and from school! My lanyard has changed many times over the years.

Migraine medicine. I never know when it’s going to hit. I have to get ahead of it before it takes me out.

Gum. This is my favorite type and I can’t really get by with anything else.


I liked being able to re-do these assignments. It makes me feel better about them. It makes me realize how much that I have learned over the past few weeks. I didn’t think that I would benefit from this class too much, but boy was I wrong. I think my favorite thing was (kinda) learning how to use photoshop.

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