DC Story: Coronavirus

All of my daily creates have lined up with the current epidemic, so what better than to make a story about it if it fits together so well?

My story isn’t really a fiction story. It’s a real story that’s based on real events. I just wrote my thoughts and made some different connections about it to my tweets because the tweets are based on real events.

Here we go:

There are currently over 7,000 cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. and almost 100 deaths.

Need an idea of how serious this is? Using the WayBack machine, I went back a week. It said that on March 11, there were 938 cases in the US with 29 deaths. That’s a pretty big increase.

So, when it started spreading to the US, we took to social media to try to stop the spread of this. We did so by offering different handshakes…

…like elbow bumps…

…or like foot shakes…

…and telling people how important it is to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

Some methods are a little more controversial but appropriate with our feelings.

But, it didn’t slow it down as much as we wanted it to.

And now the world is blue. (Blue World by Mac Miller)

This can have different meanings. How so? Well, the water in Italy is blue again. The quarantine is preventing the waters from being polluted.

But, blue can also mean feeling down. We may be stuck in our houses. We are without school. We are without graduation.

What about the song itself? “Well it’s a mad world that made me crazy/Might just turn around and do a 180”

Maybe we will see things calm down and go back to normal, hm? And I’m definitely feeling crazy.

“I ain’t politicking/I ain’t kissing no babies”

There’s a lot of politics that have gone into this. Important or not, it’s not the time to try to make good political strides to look good or hopes for re-election – we need to do it to benefit the world.

“Hey, one of these days we’ll all get by/Don’t be afraid, don’t fall”

Things will get better.

I’m thinking of all of my fellow seniors at UMW and across the world who won’t get their special day. And for students who are simply grieving the loss of the rest of the semester. Years from now, it’ll be an interesting story, like this one my old teacher shared with me:

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  1. I like that you turned your Daily Creates into something applicable to today’s current situation and still made it fun and informative.

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