On the Air with DS106 – 80’s Style

Reflection: The Eighties Through Space-Time

I decided to tune in to this radio show since it was the one premiering right after mine!

This show was broken up into five different topics. Each piece of media that was discussed was done so in terms of the 80’s.

What I noticed right away was the good sound transitions between bits.

The first topic was the Super 8 movie. It takes place in 1979, but the show member noted that it was really more of an 80’s vibe. I had a hard time connecting with this segment so a lot of it isn’t sticking out in my brain.

The next topic was the book 1984 by George Orwell. This is something I never read in school (I was always in the class that didn’t read it) so I was excited to listen about it.

1984, written in the 1940’s, was a “premonition” of the future as a result of WW2. It was a dark outlook on the future that was very scary but also had the possibility of becoming realistic. I think it’s interesting the contrast that we ended up seeing once the 80’s came around.

Following the 1984 segment was a segment that compared modern music to 80’s music and showed the different components of the music that was used. I really enjoyed being able to hear the comparisons between songs. The playing of the sounds made it more relatable and understandable.

I’m a huge music fan so I really enjoyed hearing this interpretation. I hope that maybe the music that I listened to growing up will be evaluated in the future too.

The next segment was an evaluation of the novel Machines like Me where the timeline of history is changed (certain people aren’t assassinated/killed) and robots are introduced. I really liked the idea of the story of having these people back in history and how that could have changed the events. The other main point of the robots had an interesting topic where the person who created the robot was able to change its sexuality. The idea of sexuality besides heterosexual was a new topic in the 80’s.

I feel like we also hear a lot of stories about technology that was supposed to happen in the 80’s, but it turns out that it never did. Just a thought.

Finally, Stranger Things – one of my favorite shows. This show is set in the 80’s and does a really good job of bringing pop culture to light for us watching in the modern day. It also had some political undertones that I somehow missed.

The speaker mentioned that when Robyn came out as gay to Steve that he accepted it very nonchalantly and the speaker noted that this wouldn’t have happened because of the AIDS epidemic and the hatred towards gays at the time. However, without getting too political, I do have this thought, which is maybe hopeful:

This show did a good job with audio and sound!

I also really appreciated the speakers relating their topics to the 80’s. Some of them went into deep detail about politics at the time which a lot of us may not see because as a viewer, sometimes we can only see superficial.

It was interesting to go about the radio show in a “mini show” way where there are a bunch of different topics being discussed. The only issue with this in my opinion is that it was a lot of information to process. As I’m writing this, I’m finding myself having a hard time of all of the things that were discussed because there was so much info. I would have enjoyed focusing on one or two topics and really going into depth on them. I feel like the topics had a lot of potential and depth that could have been explored more.

My Own Show: The Breakfast Club

I was expecting the other show to go first. I was leaving the room when I heard my phone ringing.

I was definitely caught off-guard by it but I think it went well. The best responses are the ones that are not expected because they’re the most truthful, right?

I also didn’t mean to scare anyone when I was talking about horror stories or stories that could be made from COVID-19. It’s just the first thing I think about.

Onto the show!

Sam did an awesome job at editing.

I was a little worried about the quality of the interview since I had to do it over the phone. I downloaded an app that let me record my phone call. I’m glad that people enjoyed it and that it sounded natural!

Diana did a really good job of mixing songs for the radio show. The contrast between the past and present fit our show perfectly.

I really enjoyed the conversational part of our show. It ended up flowing really well and was definitely more honest.

Spoiler alert: we were in the same room!

My mom gave some deep insights into how music was perceived and the effect that it had. This caused some real reflection and thoughts about how things are today.

It was fun to have an open discussion. As mentioned earlier, it really did make things flow better.

I was nervous about listening to our show, but we got a lot of good feedback online and I’m glad we did it! I had a fun time watching the tweets come in. Thanks, everyone!

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