Potential Project Ideas – 80’s or COVID

When talking about just kinda ideas that relate to 80’s pop culture, I think that there is a lot to talk about.

My radio show focused on music, but we could’ve gone a lot deeper into it if there wasn’t a time limit. I’m still really fascinated by the music in the 80’s – it was a time of expression, change, diversity, emergence of technology, etc. I do think something that would be interesting to elaborate on is the politics at the time, especially the Cold War. Did that affect the increase in media as means of a distraction? This could go for different media such as movies too.

Something else that I have become really interested in is the Chernobyl disaster. My uncle gave me his HBO password and I got to watch the new Chernobyl series which was done very well. My boyfriend has always watched videos of people exploring the abandoned Pripyat and the nuclear plant and it’s so interesting. The topic doesn’t really relate to pop culture, but I think maybe somehow introducing a story line of Chernobyl would be pretty cool.

Another project could follow a pop culture icon from the 80’s and their career from past to present – almost like a documentary. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, etc. all have really interesting stories. I think we could learn a lot about them because I think there is a lot that we don’t know not having been from that time.

If we decide to take more of a pandemic/virus route, I would have to do it from a more serious route. This virus is very serious and people aren’t seeing it that way, especially young people. Did you see that video of people crowding beaches in Florida? Or how about people out at bars on your Snapchat story? The point of schools being cancelled is to prevent the spread of the virus which isn’t going to happen if we be ignorant to it.

I think it would be interesting to maybe give a “lesson” about viruses and the disease itself. How viruses work, how they can be spread, how vaccines work, the importance of them, etc. By doing this through the platforms we have been using, we might be able to reach more people, especially the young ones.

That’s all I have for now? Thoughts? Comments?

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