The Week the World Changed

Weekly Summary

It has been a no good, horrible, terrible, very bad week. Whatever said about last week being the worst week of college was a lie because it is this week.

I knew we weren’t going to come back to school and deep-down I knew I wasn’t going to get my graduation on May 9. It just didn’t become real until we got that email.

I’m heartbroken, depressed, mad, angry…all of the emotions. I’ve been spending the last day and will spend the next few days grieving and coping. I’ve got ice cream, wine, and Netflix.

That being said, I’m pretty unmotivated to do work so I’m wrapping this week up early.

Radio Show

I had a lot of fun listening to the radio shows on Monday, especially getting to hear mine.

Project Ideas

I’m actually kinda excited about some of these ideas. The more I’ve been thinking about it, the more I’m leaning towards the COVID topic. But I’m really hoping for some feedback. It also depends on what the project is going to entail.

Assignment Reworks

I also enjoyed this too. It was nice to get to improve upon my work and I hope that I can do it again in the future.

Daily Create Story

Story? Maybe. More like a blog post relating my thoughts to my tweets which all had the same topic. However, this story is something that I could get to tell my kids when I’m older and it will definitely be a story for them.

Writing this was also a little cathartic.

Looking forward to what we are going to do next!

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